FHPC Member Photographers for Hire Page

Why this page? We here at the Fountain Hills Photo Club have had a continuing stream of inquiries by people out in the community wanting to find a local photographer for various private or public photographic jobs. To provide a public service to those needing a photographer, below we provide a listing of those club members who have expressed an interest in providing such services. Please contact the members directly to discuss your photo needs; it is up to the inquiring party and the photo club member listed here to discuss and come to terms with the details, expectations and agreed upon compensation for the job.

Bill Kabat is a wildlife, landscape and nature photographer with an emphasis on the beauty in and around Fountain Hills. I also do real estate photography for real estate agents around Fountain Hills, and have sold a number of wonderful twilight pictures of residences and businesses. My work is on display and for sale at The Hill's Pizza Restaurant and at the Sun Baked Pastry Shop in Fountain Hills. His Contact Information is 847-809-6908, bill@mountaindigitalmedia.com

Carol Carroll is a Fountain Hills full time resident, available for photography of corporate events, outdoor sporting events, plays, family events, parties, social events, fundraisers, scenery, butterflies, flowers. Her Contact Information is 913-302-4554, caroljcarroll@icloud.com

Rudolf Volkmann is a residentail real estate photographer ; You bought a home and now want a picture book to show your friends? You are selling your home and want the best pictures for real estate listings? Contact Rudolf Volkmann, member of the Fountain Hills Photography Club and a long time expert on architectural and interior design photography. His Contact Information is 480-330-9491, volkmannrudolf@gmail.com

Disclaimer The listings shown on this page are provided strictly for the convenience of anyone who happens to view this page, and carry no club guarantees. These listings do not constitute a solicitation of any sort by the club; please respect all copyrights when visiting any listed sites.