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6/10/18: Updated Home page

Next Monthly Meetings (6:00 pm start)
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Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Pima Air Museum 10/17
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Ramsey Cyn date TBD, Ft McDowell Pow/Wow&Rodeo 11/16-18
Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Late Breaking News
• November Meeting : Our speaker for October is Jeff Luth. Regarding Jeff’s November presentation to the FHPC, Jeff says “As a communications professional, I use the written language to fashion and deliver messages for various audiences. I am, in effect, a storyteller. As a photographer, I also tell stories - using a visual language based on the interplay between composition, subject and light. After moving to Arizona I was drawn to landscape photography, but over time acquired additional perspectives about what I wanted to accomplish with my images. I still enjoy landscapes, however much of my recent work reflects an emerging desire to expand beyond traditional horizons and create artistic images which engage the viewer on multiple levels. So, rather than reflect on a particular Body of Work, my talk will showcase a diverse approach to visual storytelling.”
• Bring Prints And Image Files : At the November meeting, we will continue the display and discussion of members' fine prints; please bring up to a MAXIMUM of 4 of your best prints for that meeting segment, along with a MAXIMUM of 6 jpegs of other images for the video projection segment of the meeting. The theme for the November jpeg image show is "Windows", so look back at your files and send in your best images! If you don't have any meetup pictures, please feel free to show anything that is legal and in good taste. Please send your files (jpegs,1200 pixels in the vertical dimension, sRGB color space) for digital projection to the club email address by attaching named image files to the email (put your name first, then the picture title, in the jpeg filenames).

The FHPC email address is

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