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9/7/16: Updated Homepage, added August meeting picture gallery

Next Meetings
Next Meetups/Trips
September 14, 2016
Pioneer Village Sat 9/24
October 12, 2016
Lockett Meadow Sat 10/15, Salt Fields Balloon Fest. Fri 10/28
November 9, 2016
Gilbert Days Rodeo Sat 11/12, Boyce Thompson Peak Color Mon 11/28
No meeting; Annual Holiday Lunch, Sun 12/11
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Late Breaking News
• Change in meeting start time: Please note that we have changed the start time of our monthy meetings from 6:30 PM to 6:00 PM, and that we now meet in the Pima Room of the Fountain Hills Community Center.

• September Meeting: Our guest speaker for September will be Daniel (Dano) Grayson. Dano has spent the years since University chasing incredible wildlife and weather phenomena around places as close to home as the Arizona desert, American Midwest and Florida Everglades, to as far away as the High Andes Mountains, Deep Amazon Rainforest, even locations as remote as Rapa Nui. Working as a Field Researcher has allowed him access to some of the most pristine and biodiverse places in the world. The photographs he presents are a catalog of incredible adventures in far off lands with inspiring wildlife encounters. He also shares, via photo, video and time Signature-Blacklapse, untouched lands that the digital world has forgotten. .

• Bring Prints And Image Files : At the September meeting, we will continue the display and discussion of members' fine prints; please bring up to a MAXIMUM of 4 of your best prints for that meeting segment, along with a MAXIMUM of 6 jpegs of other images for the video projection segment of the meeting. The theme for the September jpeg image show is Summer/Vacation Photography, so send in your best images! Please send your files (jpegs, sRGB color space) for digital projection to the club email address by attaching named image files to the email (put your name first in the jpeg filenames). And please downsize your files so that landscape files are about 1280 pixels in width, or portrait files are about 850 pixels in height.

Email us if you have any questions.

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