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Late Breaking News

• Special December Meeting: There was a special meeting on Wednesday December 13 at 6:00 pm for a presentation entitled an ‘Overview of Digital Photography and Digital Cameras’. The objective of the presentation was to dispel much of the mystery and frustration of dealing with complex digital cameras and confusing manuals, and went over what the most important camera modes and settings are. The presentation also included an introduction to post-processing digital images in a computer, and included a basic recipe for processing images using only 4 commands, present in Photoshop, Lightroom and other software on the market. One of those programs (Luminar) is quite new, and suprisingly effective. A link to the charts presented at the meeting is found on the Events and Information page of this website (link to that page is located above, under "ABOUT US"; when on that page, scroll down toward the bottom and Click on the link to "Overview of Digital Photography and Digital Cameras").

•  The Annual FHPC Members Photo Exhibition will be on display in the FH Community Center in February: For the past 8 years at our Annual FHPC Members Photo Exhibition, for the month of February 2018 we will fill the walls of the FH Community Center with 70 photographs taken by our members. The exhibition will be on display from Thursday afternoon, February 1 through Tuesday, February 27. This exhibition is the best opportunity of the year to see what the club is doing, and to see the level of achievement of the members in expressing their artistic talent through their photographs. So come walk the halls of the Community Center during normal open hours - no appointment or reservation needed!

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